Danza Kuduro

Don Omar

Don Omar

Me encanta esta canción I love this song so much! The collaboration of Reggaeton sensation Don Omar and Portuguese-French pop star Luzeno in this Afro-pop track has been a chart-topping success since the version of Vem Dança Kuduro was released Fall 2010. With the heartbeat bass and catchy lyrics, it amazes me how African sounds are used so frequently in South American and Caribbean music with little respect due to the original roots of the Mother Land. However, this song indeed celebrates the color and diversity of the Caribbean through its lyrics and dance.

La mano arriba :: Hand in the air

Cintura sola da media vuelta :: Half way turn your hip

Danza Kuduro

No te canses ahora :: Don’t get tired now

Que esto sólo empieza :: It has only just begun

Múeve la cabeza :: Move your head

Danza Kuduro

The lyrics are literally directions on how to do the dance, if you watch carefully you will find the dance has an uncanny resemblance to the Willie Bounce!

We all have something in common and it should be obvious this ritualistic dance has been passed down by our common ancestors! Nothing new under the sun 🙂

Gracias por tu tiempo, Thanks for your time

Hasta Luego: Until soon


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