Your Pants Are Too Tight!

Fashion trends are trivial, one moment men can’t keep their baggy pants around their waist, the next moment men are proudly sporting skin tight capri pants. This trend has taken a hold on the sacks of men worldwide. The time has arrived to take a stand for the groins of males everywhere.

Your Pants Are Too Tight

Lil Wayne is infamous for parading around in too tight low cut pants. On the VMAs he even was spotted in a pair of leopard leggings that remarkeably resembled a set of women jeggings:
VMA Ensemble: Lil Wayne
Source Lil Wayne Leg-warmers

An easy solution is a slim fit, loose pant with a comfortable space between the groin and jean. Disclaimer: Tight jeans are known to lead to impotence, discomfort, trampled testicles, and rub rash. Beware… tight pants are not right!


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