11/15 Fantasy Basketball Update*

11/15 Fantasy Basketball Update

After two weeks of fantasy, I have enjoyed watching my team flourish on the court. The Shamrock Stars are truly a force to be reckoned with and are progressing individually and as a whole. A couple of flaws I must point out nevertheless;

  • I love my big guys Hibbert, Lopez, Scola, Favors, and Gasol but what is up with the 3 pointers fellas? I realize that Centers aren’t known for making those kind of shots but one or two would help out my field goal percentage considering I have so many Centers and Power Forwards on my team. Is this hurting my overall scoring? Besides low 3-points made and a few too many turnovers, I do believe my the gentlemen at the 5 have the rest of my stats in good shape.
  • I really like how Brandon Jennings has been playing recently and highlighted him as my fav for stats currently, although I know Deron Williams from Brooklyn got game too!
  • Anticipating Gallinari’s speedy recovery from his minor knee pains I need him in 3 point range to make some shots!
    Stay tuned for more updates from your favorite fantasy league THE SHAMROCK STARS*

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