Caribbean Showcase: October

Reggae is not the only Caribbean influence here in the Metro Atlanta area, however; this Jamaican genre paves the way for other islanders to show the diversity of the Caribbean.
The Atlanta Reggae Scene is a vibrant collage of people, culture, and tradition. Celebration of life is how West Indians display national pride through fellowship, holding an array of social events, concerts, and parties. The role I play in the the Reggae movement involves the promotion of musical programs that exhibit the integrity of Caribbean activists in a positive light. Therefore, I contribute my time to creating media that answers the who, where, and what of quality programming within the Peachy state of Georgia.


Shout Out to the Promoters/Supporters of these events

KRUSHMORE also promoted “CaribFest”





Selecta mixing up the vibes for dré of @dreggaemusic

**Sean Paul attendee

**Gratitude for attending 2 great events

@stackanova **big up Stack City Sounds for deejaying An International evening

**Dancehall Queen Contestant finalist

Host of DHQ 2K12Steggo Vibes

**Recommended Sean Paul Concert

Cross Over Radio & Island Blend Radio


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