Premiere of Trap Star’s Girlfriend Short Story Series. #Bump

Pardon My Audacity

Hey guys,

I am going to premier my short story “Trap Star’s Girlfriend” in a couple of hours, but there are rules for this short story series to continue.

Rules are as follows:

1. I will not post any more of the short story if no one BUMPS or DUMPS the story.

A. Bumps mean you like the story and you want to read the next series.

B. Dumps mean you dislike it and I shouldn’t continue with the short story.

2. Short story will be drawn out because I need a sufficient amount of bumps or dumps to continue the story.

3. Bumps or Dumps come through Twitter, WordPress Comments, Facebook and Google+

4. If you enjoy the short story SUBSCRIBE to my blog and receive all updates about the blog.

LET’S GET THIS SERIES STARTED! It would be very helpful if you like the series you can PROMOTE…

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