Grown Swagg vs. Young Swagg

Following the last post commemorating my born day, it is only appropriate that I would dedicate this entry to the transformation from adolescence to adulthood.

I had the honour of attending The End of Summer Affair themed Grown Swagg vs. Young Swagg . I spent the evening among a diverse group of stush, sassy, sexy, silly, stupendous, and sophisticated Caribbeans and Americans. Two major age groups arrived as rivals to prove whom was better the youth or the grown-ups. I found myself quite stuck in between the two.
I pledge heavily to my younger peers who enjoy watching the scandalous daggering scenes as the dance changes from sweet reggae melodies to hard slam dancehall. I love top artistes Aidonia, Mavado, Busy Signal, & Vybz Kartel just as much as the next dancehall fanatic. However; I found that my maturity draws me to the early warm vibes of 90s reggae- streaming the Greats like Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, Beres Hammond,and Spragga Benz. Although an endless list of the best Reggae exists, I find that despite the differences of the older heads versus the youths we all had something in common- the Love of Reggae Music

One solid point that we all can agree on is that Reggae unites people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. An array of  Atlanta Reggae Scene patrons came out to support, filling up the front stage and pouring over into the VIP area. We rocked away to the sounds of Juggla, Mark Dragon, One Drop, Slaughta Tone, and Stackanova.

Appearances were made by current Dancehall Queen and female compadres

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Special thanks to Spydamanx pictures provided by ikonzent. More photos

The End of Summer Affair was a fun and entertaining way to bring together the old reggae heads with the young party goers. Looking forward to the upcoming Peeta Pak event entitled Dancehall Queen! Stay tuned to @ladylaleebella for more details.


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