LeeDay Bday

Dancehall Nyce Again Volume 5

This past weekend, Saturday September 22, I celebrated my 23rd Birthday Party at Calabar & Grill on Redan Rd, Decatur,GA.

I enjoyed catching up with old friends and active party goers as a host for all of whom came out to commemorate another volume of the chronicled event Dancehall Nyce Again.  The party branded by Yami2nyce and JugglaATL aims to unite west indians in the metro atlanta area and reinvent the scene with a new generation of reggae-lovers. The musical selection included an array of classic R&B, Hip-Hop, 90s reggae, soca, and african music. Throughout the evening, the feature headliner Dancehall, made few key appearances, but definitely was missing in critical moment of the bashment. As an avid fanatic of Dancehall music, I was surprised at the few times I heard unique tracks outside of the top 100 most playlisted riddims. Nevertheless, there were several surprises with selectas MixMasterDavid, King AP’s Randy and Jinx and Danger Marcus, on the one’s and two’s.

The crowd varied throughout the night with appearances by several socialites, many of whom I will probably forget-however, most notably:

















You could find these young key players on the dancefloor serving opposing dancers with flavor and style, mixing and mingling with different cliques from atlanta and the caribbean as well as posing for paparazzi pics by @spydamanx of @ikonzent. We palanced, willy bounced, the girls bubbled while the guys daggered, and there was even a special selection for atlanta hip hop lovers as they beefed it up and dougied to their favorite club bangers.

With sincere appreciation towards my invitation to host the fifth edition of D.N.A., I will like to propose a few tips for future reference:

1. Make sure to include fresh new sounds as to not bore the crowd with the same mundane mixes. Dancehall is a bold musical theme and is to be played as such.

2.Add more dee-jays for more diversity older and respectable as well as young and inexperienced to challenge the crowd’s earbuds

3.To the Dancers: Open up the small dance circle to the entire crowd so they can see and learn the moves to the songs we so love and cherish. Share the culture instead of secluding yourself to a tiny circle.

Most importantly remember Dancehall is a music and a culture. Once we can put aside our differences we will be able to open our hearts and minds to the possibility of spreading the spirit of good party music! Music is best when the entire crowd can feel the vibes.

Special Shout Outs to

@kingrudie of @daflavaradio ‘s @mixupmondays for the love and support for promoting my event

@stackanova for being a young ambassador for reggae and dancehall music, while respecting the grown swag and young swag of the diverse atlanta patrons

@valeryem for acompanying me to my lavish event

@boogiefonzareli for inviting me to host his event, looking forward to doing business with you!

-Sincerely Reggae Rude Gyal La Reina Morena,



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