Icecream & Cookies for Breakfast

ImageI woke up early this morning with a craving for food for thought. Something that would enrich the mind and captive the internal hunger. I immediately went to my twitter timeline for relief, just to find myself surrounded by thirsty followers. Eager to escape the desert of barren tweets, I realized the substance I so longed to devour was embedded inside of me. Sweet, sugary satisfaction.

Icecream and cookies for breakfast, sweet serenity at last. For as long as i’ve been waiting for you sufficient time has passed. Hotter than the heat on a summer’s day, your icecream on my cookies melt away. There’s something different about this taste, I can’t consume this in haste. Not a drop of this cream can I waste. Anticipating every bite, licking the bowl clean not a drop left in sight. So glad I didn’t settle for sugar-free or lite. This fullness I have achieved, has me begging for more- you wouldn’t believe. Until the next time I can savor Icecream & cookies for breakfast.

The beginning of the week always has me down, but this Monday was different. This Monday I was going to do something I had never done on another Monday, which was to write a blog post inspired by YOU, in hope that you would read it. Thanks again, and look forward to many more.


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