Color & Abundance

Camaca Folk 

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping outside of your doorstep, the sun beaming warm rays through your window, and the cool tropical breeze blowing in from the nearby coast.

an inexpensive cost for the price of supporting a living legend and tradition

This is the ideal scene described by Marissa, the business savvy daughter of Camaca creator Marie-Ella. She admits taking such  moments for granted, but is happy to be able to share these memories with the audience and onlookers of the art exhibition. Her beautiful mother has taken images such as the one described and encapsulated them in a montage of hand-colored motifs, hand-cuts, pen and inks, quilts and screen prints. A keep-sake tradition she has entitled Camaca after the Camooka tree, a plant given to mankind by Ancestors in the beginning to bring color and abundance to the barren planet Earth.

We all sit huddled around inside of Marlee’s Coffee House, a quaint and comfy hub located on the outskirts of the grand Atlanta metropolis. Each person listens attentively as the Artist shares tales of  family and culture back home in the Caribbean. The walls are adorned with nostalgic art dedicated to the Home of Trindad and the folk stories they’ve carried with them. The artist is friendly and embraces me and my guest upon our entrance, we automatically feel at home. Light food and beverages are served, another reminder of the strong Ameri-Indian presence in the room, while the spirit of our forefathers hover as spoken word orator @Naja_music recites poetry of culture, identity, and her favorite pastimes.

Tie die fabrics take form in the shapes of hummingbirds, female fruit-bearers, pan drum players, butterflies, and exotic flora.

This exhibition is truly a marvel and a must see for art enthusiasts and Caribbean lovers everywhere, just in time for the seasonal arrival of Carnival festivities within the month.


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