Happy Self-Discovery Day

I enjoy a good fairytale just as much as the next chap, and to commemorate a holiday such as today the history book tale of Christopher Columbus is the ideal fiction to recollect.

Once upon a time there was a daring conquistador named Christopher. After begging the King & Queen for permission to go outside and expore the ocean blue his Highnesses granted Chris and all his friends a charter to find the mythical land of silk and spiceELATED, Chris set sail to the ends of the Earth, where he would soon plumit into the abyss of dark universal nothingness. But Alas! After many nights of navigating the oceans, our hero arrived to his nirvana. INDIA! Fascinated by the inhabitants of his newly discovered land Chris invited all the members of his exhibition to hang out and chill with their new buddies. The Indian natives admired their distant relatives and shared the treasures of the earth and soil with them. Chris loved his new home and departed promising to return with more friendly Old World settlers to inhabit their New World of goods and gold. . .

Of course I could continue to share the ri¢h history of Chis & his comrads and how they went on to  discover and conquer what they believed to be India, but that would be trivial considering that the place he really sailed to was the islands of the Bahamas and the polite hosts that he happened to meet were actually quite upset after they realized that Chris’ arrival marked the genocide of their population.

History happens after all, and I am not here to point fingers or chastise someone’s decision that was made  500 years ago, especially considering that his discovery has allowed me to be right here where I am centuries later. I just want to call to the reader’s attention the importance of Columbus Day, and why  we shut down schools, banks, and other public institutions to commemorate such an occasion. Columbus, as any living being, is liable to fall short of perfection. We are all susceptible to human error and must come to grips with this reality at some point of our lives. What we choose to do today, effects people years from now and even right this instant in corners all over the world. The purpose of this holiday is to reflect on how important each and every single one of us is to the future of this country and how one decision, one change, one discovery can alter the lives of an e n t i r e generation. Although we may not always see the difference we make, it is occuring right under our noses and may come to haunt our descendants years from now.  So no matter how small the act of kindness or minor the human error we are all connected and matter in the larger scheme of things. Remember this brothers and sisters and enjoy the rest of your Self- Discovery Day… Thanks Uncle Chris for starting us all off on the right foot.

Watch this mini documentary about Christopher Columbus:


Top 5 Misconceptions About Columbus 


One thought on “Happy Self-Discovery Day

  1. Interesting post. Instead of using this day off to focus on history (or what I call HIS-story), one should take the opportunity of a day off to focus on true SELF and their own story.

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