IRIE Revelation


A special snapshot from my evening

Special shoutouts to @jasonwalker_ & @JahPrince <- Reggae Ambassadors

I would describe my experience as nothing short of irie.

The vibrations could be felt from the tips of my toes to the very gland of my brain. I was filled with exuberant joy the moment the band preluded the entrance of Stephen Marley. The saxophonist, guitarist, keyboardist and percussionist played in harmony as a young Marley son paraded on the stage waving the Rastafarian flag high.  Two divas followed behind him, harmonizing with the melodies of the live band as the crowd cheered expectantly to the rhythm. The strobe lighting glared as the Marley prodigy galloped forward center stage. He opened his mouth and belt out his tune, the message loud and clear: REVELATION

“Corruption of  Your Thoughts, Destruction of Your Soul” Stephen Marley:Mind Control

The songs that followed captivated not only me, but the many supporters in the audience; a vibrant mix of Stephen fans, reggae lovers, Rastas, and advocates of the late Marley legacy. Together we jammed to conscious tracks like Can’t Keep I Down, Made In Africa, & Mind Control as well as classic Bob hits like Pale Moonlight & Could You Be Loved. The performances included fun surprises like appearances by Stephen’s children, guest emcee Spragga Benz, and Emmanuel Lewis who just so happens to be a reggae fanatic!

“Never tell a woman that you love her when you don’t really care that much” Stephen Marley:She Knows Now

What I enjoyed most was the ambiance set by the performers. Although the concert was set in a small loft in the heart of midtown , the music filled the room with life, igniting the crowd as they moved and sang along to the songs they knew. The incorporation of Stephen Marley’s children into the stageshow displayed his dedication to family and the involvement of the kids in their father’s career.  The showcase was nothing short of inspirational, riveting, invigorating and energetic (I.R.I.E.)

Hey Baby, don’t you worry even though the road is rocky I’ll be coming home to you again” -Hey Baby

The splendor created in that evening was one I will cherish for years to come. Even after the music ended and the team packed up the equipment to haul the luggage onto the tour bus and depart, the Marley legacy was still a glowing aura in the room. I’m sure anyone who walks into it thereafter will know something special happened in that place.

We are Soldiers In Jah Army…” -Stephen & Damien Marley


2 thoughts on “IRIE Revelation

  1. Was this event in ATL??? & I MISSED IT…
    OMG. sweet vybz it seems like. i’m glad you enjoyed your night & got to experience IRIE for all it is meant to me!!

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