So yes I admit I get #mad sometimes, but don’t we all. The way we chose to express our frustration often determines the power of our emotions, and because I refuse to succumb to anger, I choose another outlet to relieve my anguish.
my serenity
:). The antidote to all venomous thoughts that plague my mind and the remedy for any affliction I’ve been caused. Instead of getting #mad I just get M.A.D. It is way that I deal with my life, through music that evokes thought, emotion, and action. These songs inspire me, for one reason or another and it is always best to share your feelings to prevent internal overload, which only results in anger and stress.
Therefore, I encourage you to make a M.A.D. list like mine to awake your ambitious musical desires. Don’t get #mad get M.A.D.

 My M.A.D.

Seasons come and go april showers may bring flowers, spring doesn’t guarantee
And if there is ever any reasonable doubt for the way that you feel, I plead with you to set me free
Patriotically, I pledge allegiance and I really mean it when I say
When swimming amongst the sharks be careful not to fren fish in a bed of quick sand is where you shall lay
a robbery has occurred, After I procured all the mortifying evidence, I found that you had incurred a number of casualties, and was sure you were the killer. Kiss of Death you hold my last breath.
After resurrecting my feelings from the tomb, 3 days in from the grave, fresh from the womb like heaven sent,Micheal Jackson’s thriller.
Feeling like a kid again: tiny tot; my imagination has me atop the highest of elevations
Through innocent eyes, I cannot hide my disguise and I refuse to continue living lies
Ether or either now or never it is unpredictable, but evident, you determine the precedent


One thought on “M.A.D.

  1. indeed LaLee!!!! Music is a GREAT outlet. I personally like to write songs but i often listen to music first to collect my thoughts, cause sometimes there are SO many emotions and ideas running through my head that taking a pen to paper may end up being a slew of randomness and hurt the process of overcoming…

    i agree that folks should have a m.a.d list that they can go to for their different emotions. i have one for when i’m feeling “depressed”, when i’m just not feeling good about things, when i’m super happy about life, one for my lovey dovey self AND my ULTIMATE is the summer scheme list! all in all, i like to make my playlists based on my emotions to help me figure out the place where the emotions are coming from.

    if it’s a bad place i use the playlist to get me out of that mood, and if it is a good place i use the playlist to elongate those emotions!

    kudos for the blog post sis!


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