Black Talon! International Mix

As an advocate for diverse genres of music I was quite anxious to hear Shane Talon’s International Mix Volume 2 . Having heard live mixes in venues like Frequency, the Royal Peacock, and upscale lounge Thrive, I was not surprised to find myself jamming to this hypnotizing mix like I was standing in a dark hot room of 200+ patrons on a warm spring night. Quite charmed by Mr. Shane’s symphonic choice of tropical tunes ranging from the beautiful melodies of Columbian Shakira to Jamaica’s own Busy Signal, I was mesmerized from start to finish.

Mostly an ode to Soca music, Trinidadian native
of Black Talon proudly reps his T&T culture in a 1:01 (hour and minute) mix with crossover variations into the genres of Dancehall, Pop, and Latin music. The introducing track “Burning Up” featuring Soca King Machel Montano, Russian, and Chan Dizzy sets a fire that continues to burn for most of Shane’s playlist. Blazing tunes like “Nuh Let Go” with Gyptian & Allison Hinds and “Come Gyal” by Kes keep you actively listening for more. Although I must admit I’m not much of a Soca listener, the fiery record by Swappi “Whole Place Nice” could provoke any reggae head into an instant whine attack.

Elements that made this particular mix such a dynamic compilation were the many musical references featuring the M&M of Soca music Machel Montano and quick flashes of Busy Signal in tunes like “Gal Bounce” from Renato Carosone’s Tu Vu Fa L’Americano and “Touch Di Road”. However, I was disappointed that there were no authentic Reggaeton tracks included as I had initially hoped, but was surprised to hear uplifting chants and rhythms of Zouk torward the conclusion of the musical work.

As a Reggae addict i admit it was a bit too much Soca for my liking but I was 100% satisfied with the tracks featured overall. I was introuduced to a wide range of artists and musicians that I wouldn’t normally listen to which makes this International Mix a full blast culture shock for someone who is more prone to listen to straight Reggae or Dancehall vibes. Shane Talon continues to take his audience from one extreme to another while still maintaining his heritage as a trini… wuk on brudda- you make good company!


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