Moments of a Black Queen

Moments of a Black Queen the blog is getting a whole new look in 2021

Hi, I am still all about bringing fresh and new ideas to this platform. This is where my blogging adventures began and I think this is where I still have the most authentic fanbase of readers and subscribers. It is for people like you who authentically love my style and keep coming back for more. Well, I heard the call and now Moments of a Black Queen the blog is back to share more up-to-date content with you on the platform where it all began

What I am still about

The core brand message has not changed much since the beginning. It is all about me posting my inspiration, blogging my ideas, and sharing my moments of being a Black Queen. I refuse to change that key component because I have seen over time that people want a voice they can trust, and being true to one’s self is what is needed to be a good influencer. So I have returned to the wordpress platform to continue my mission and claim my crown!

MBQ Categories: What kind of content to expect

  1. Writing: a cathartic process that results in a change of mind. Writing is a gradual shift of words, thoughts, and quotations. The references are the people you surround yourself with and the energy you consume from media.
  2. Spirit/Health: the act of maintaining youth and beauty. It begins from the inside and shines through externally. There are tricks of the trade you can learn to improve overall well being. Your style is original to you and your needs.
  3. Drawing and DIY: a favorite pastime that has developed into a full-time hobby and affixation. I’m obsessed with school supplies, journals, and visual notes. I am pressing for better illustrations to add to my notebook daily.
  4. Moments: a collection of links to blog posts, websites, groups, and online communities on the web that connect people and places across the world. A part of the creative process is music, reading, writing, drawing, and discovering new ideas.
  5. Language: we connect with people using language. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, and Jamaican Patois. I use verbal expressions in relation to foreign languages and cultures.

Moments of a Black Queen is a lifestyle blog on which I share my interests in reggae, languages, art, fashion, and travel.


Thank you so much for continuing to support Moments of a Black Queen and I hope to see you across all my social media channels in the near future.

Listen to my audiobook presentation: Paradisiaque on my official website Moments of a Black Queen.